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How do I check-in online and activate my key?

No more waiting to check-in. You can check-in online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Complete it as soon as possible and on the day of your arrival go directly to your accommodation.

If you have questions about the process or about your stay, consult our

Follow the following steps to complete it:

Mail Verify your identity

Complete the traveler registration

You will receive an email with the link to access, click on the “START REGISTRATION” button and fill in the details of all the members of the reservation. Please note that registration is required for all guests. The process is not saved if you don't have all the data, so make sure you have it all!

Verify your identity and register

To verify your identity we will ask you for a photo of your identification document or passport. To register you will have to complete your entry form with your information and your signature.

Register your companions

To register your companions (over 14 years old), you will need to have all their IDs or at least the data to enter them manually in the check-in process.

In this step you can add the extras you need to your reservation, add them in the last registration process.

Mail Nearly there

Complete the payment of your reservation

7 days before your arrival, you will receive an email with the amount pending payment of your reservation, you simply have to enter your information in the link to make the payment and you will automatically receive a confirmation email.

Remember that if you have already paid your agency for the accommodation, payment of the fees and extras will be pending. Don't be surprised if you receive the payment link with a small amount, it corresponds to the tourist tax! 😉

In order to activate your key we need you to complete the necessary steps 2 days before entry:

Mail Key

Key Activated

  • TRAVEL REGISTRATION (Data of all guests)

  • RESERVATION PAYMENT (Taxes and extras included)

The digital key is activated on the day of entry of your reservation.

Remember that payment must be made 48 hours before your arrival

On the day of arrival you will receive an email where we will indicate the room number. We will also send you practical information about the accommodation and the building's access map.

Digital knob

Enter your accommodation with your code

On the day of arrival, from 3 p.m. onwards, you can open the doors of your accommodation and start enjoying your stay straight away.

Enter the code on the lock keypad followed by the tick. When you exit, the door will be automatically locked.


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